ECS is an electronic clearing system that facilitates paperless credit / debit transaction directly linked to your account and also provides for a faster method of effecting periodic and repetitive payments.

Benefits of ECS (Debit)

Through ECS (Debit), you can pay all your Utility bills (electricity/telephone/Mobile bills, credit cards, etc), Mutual Fund (SIP), Insurance Premium, Loan Installments, credit card payments, payments of donations and other bill payments. 

How will you gain from ECS?

  • Non-issuance of multiple cheques
  • Timely payment of bills /installments /premium without remembering the due dates

All you need to do is to register for bill payments with your service provider, banks and financial institutions by providing details such as name, account number, name of the bank /branch, MICR code, etc.


Real Time Gross Settlement System (RTGS) 

Bank offers Real Time Gross Settlement System (RTGS)  which enables an efficient, secure, economical and reliable system of transfer of funds from bank to bank as well as from remitter’s account in a particular bank to the beneficiary’s account in another bank across the country.


An electronic payment system in which payment instructions between banks are processed and settled individually and continuously, on a real time basis, throughout the day, Available for transaction value of Rs.2.00 lacs and above